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Part II.  Requirements to Receive Identification Card of Ethiopian Origin

1.      General Information

  • Interested foreign nationals of Ethiopian origin are entitled to receive the ID card as per proclamation No 270/2002 .
  • Children under 18 can enjoy the same right once their name appear in their parents ID card of Ethiopian origin. A spouse of foreign national of Ethiopian origin, if wish so, can also receive the ID card
  • The holder of the ID card can enjoy every right like other citizens with the exception of political right. (For more information refer the proclamation.)
  • Forms that should be used for application are available at the Honorary Consulate Offices. The Embassy can make them available to individual applicants upon request.

2.      Privileges given to  the Holder of the ID Card of Foreign Nationals of Ethiopian Origin

The holder shall:

  • not be required to have an entry visa or residence permit to live in Ethiopia;
  • have the right to be employed in Ethiopia without a work permit;
  • not be subjected to the exclusion that applies to foreign nationals regarding coverage of pension scheme under the relevant pension law,
  • have the right to be considered as domestic investor to invest in Ethiopia under Investment law of Ethiopia.
  • Restrictions imposed on foreigners regarding the utilization of Economic, Social and Administrative Services shall not be applicable to the holder of the ID card.

3.      Application Procedure:

  • Applicant should fill two copies of Form1 with three photos (3x4 sizes) and submit it together with supportive documents that prove his claim.

These documents include the following:

¡¤        copy of Ethiopian passport the applicant had previously or birth certificate,

¡¤        copy of parent¡¯s ID card,

¡¤        letter of testimony from office of  Kebele council where applicant¡¯s parents reside or used to reside in Ethiopia; and,

¡¤        any document including educational credential, bank book or others that help to establish the applicant¡¯s origin.

  • Form 2 should be filled if the applicant is spouse of foreign national of Ethiopian origin .The first part of the statement in Form 2 should be filled out and signed by the holder of the ID card whose spouse is applying to get ID card.
  • The supporting documents have to be authenticated (by Honorary Consulate offices) or our Embassy. Any document that would be brought from Ethiopia as supporting document like a document given by local administration (kebele) should be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia.
  • Two copies of the application forms, authenticated supporting documents together with an application letter should be sent to the Ethiopian Embassy in Beijing for verification.                       

When the documents are accepted, the applicant would be notified of the Embassy¡¯s decision. The applicant should then transfer to Embassy¡®s account in Beijing 500 USD dollar .                        

¡¤        The required Bank commission should be borne by the applicant. The applicant then should send bank deposit receipt together with his/her valid passport to the Embassy.                                

The newly issued Identity Card together with the applicant¡¯s passport (on which a stamp will be affixed) will then be sent back to the applicant.